LEADER/CLLD gathering: “Role of bottom-up approach renewing ESI Funds for 2021-2027”

LEADER/CLLD gathering: “Role of bottom-up approach renewing ESI Funds for 2021-2027”

31st May at 11:00-14:30
Brussels, Belgium
Trèves Building, 74 rue de Trèves, 7th floor, room: TRE 770

Goals of the gathering:
To bring forward the impact of integrated rural development and LEADER/CLLD;
To get to know overall EU political agenda and future directions – EU’s Growth Strategy;
To present positions related to the renewal of rural development policy: Tartu declaration for LEADER/CLLD 2021-2027, Cork 2.0 declaration and CAP renewal, Båstad positions, ESI Funds renewal framework;
To discuss about how to strengthen local level participation achieving goals of EU policy.

European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD) and Estonian National Rural Network

Target group: Local Action Groups (LAGs), LEADER networks and cooperation partners across Europe, members of the European Parliament, European Commission, ENRD, etc.

Presentations of the speakers:
Session I
Jose Enrique Garcilaz (OECD), title: “Future policy for rural areas”
John Grieve (ENRD), title: “CLLD state of play in Member States”
Member States’ examples about CLLD:
Hartmut Berndt, Germany’s example;
Aurelio Garcia, Spain’s example;
Marion Eckardt, Sweden’s example.

Session II
Christine Falter (DG Agri), title: “Cork 2.0 declaration, its action plan and CAP renewal”
Carole Mancel Blanchard (DG Regio), title: “ESI Funds renewal framework”
John Grieve (ENRD), title: “Båstad positions”
Gerard Peltre (ECM), title: “Rural Agenda for 2021-2027”
Kirsten Birke Lund (ERP), title: “European Rural Manifesto”
Kristiina Tammets (ELARD), title: “Tartu declaration for LEADER/CLLD 2021-2027”