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What You’ll Find on Our Site

Specifically, we gather and share valuable knowledge and insights from our multifaceted European projects. Here, you can explore various resources and materials specially selected to support Local Action Groups in your work for local sustainable development. And also access guidance, best practices, and insights from our ongoing projects to inform and inspire your work.

Get to know us

We have a thriving Hub, at ELARD, driving various projects across Europe.
Our dedicated team includes managers, coordinators, communicators, and also administrators.
Altogether we are currently running 7 projects.


Firstly: Which types of resources are available for Local Action Groups on the ELARD Knowledge Hub?

At the ELARD Knowledge Hub, you’ll find a collection of documents, tools, and case studies covering various topics related to local development. Right now, these include insights from youth projects, and we will regularly update with new information under relevant themes.

Secondly: What benefits could our Local Action Group derive from utilizing the resources on the ELARD Knowledge Hub?

By utilizing the resources available from the ELARD Knowledge Hub, your LAG can benefit from the experiences and best practices of others. You can also find helpful tips and guidance to tackle challenges and enhance the effectiveness of your work.

Thirdly: How can we contribute to the ELARD Knowledge Hub and share our knowledge and experience?

We actively welcome contributions from LAGs and other stakeholders wishing to share their success stories, tools, and resources with the community. Firstly contact our team to learn more about how you can contribute and be part of the growing knowledge base for local development at the ELARD Knowledge Hub.