Rural Youth in action from local to European level


About the project #RURBEST22

The goal of the project “Rural Youth in action from local to the European level” (RURBEST22) is to empower, engage and connect rural youth from Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Spain, and Sweden.

The participants will be part of an international network, exchange good practices, and get a chance to influence rural policies of The European Union. The project extends to January 2023.

Are you passionate about  your local community?



2022, 19th of July, 17:00 -18:15 CET,

The party will include mingling and networking and do not forget to wear a hat! 


2022, 12th - 15th of september

We have organize: Rural World Café by Youth


2023, 17th of January
European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
EU CAP network EU CAP Network
Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy


2023, 18th of January
RUMRA and smart villages intergroup from the European Parliament
And representatives at the Comission


2023, 19th of January
we had a conversation with:
European Committee of Regions (CoR)
The Swedish Representation

Join the rural youth network!


We are currently looking for people under the age of 30 who are passionate about their local community and want to influence
rural policy. From Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Spain and Sweden. 

ARE YOU interested in rural policy?

What opportunities do you get?

✔ You will be part of a platform created by young people to exchange ideas and experiences


✔ You will participate in capacity building activities


✔ You will help arrange an activity at the European Rural Parliament


Annie Linsemark

Annie Linsemark

European LEADER Association for Rural Development, ELARD


More info about Annie

ℹ I am a 24-year-old vegetarian who comes from Sweden. I grew up outside the city of Borås in Viskafors.

💼 I work as a communicator officer and love graphic design and working with social media.

🍕Otherwise, I love pizza, exercise, and shopping secondhand.

I am passionate about the environment, equality, and animal rights.

Dimitris Mavrogiannis

Dimitris Mavrogiannis

Heraklion Development Agency


More info about Dimitris

ℹ 29 years old. Young professional working mainly in the field of marketing and development consulting

🎓  BA in Marketing and Communication and MSc in Management of Innovation.

💼   Participated in a series of events/ programmes targeting on climate change advocation, youth empowerment/ engagement, social entrepreneurship, youth work and leadership development (Greek delegate at 2019 UNESCO MAB Youth Forum in China, Delegate of Crete at the 3rd European Youth Work Convention).

🏛️ Member of the Asterousia MAB Youth committee aiming at the sustainable development of Asterousia Biosphere Reserve.

Nikos Zervos

Nikos Zervos

Heraklion Development Agency


More info about Nikos

ℹ  27 years old. Young professional working mainly in the field of economics and development consulting

🎓  B.S.C. in Economic Science at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Currently working on an MBA at the Hellenic Open University.

💼 Working for Heraklion Development Agency for almost 2 years as General Financial Manager of the MOST Project – A model for sustainable tourism in Central Asia: Building Capacities, Creating Awareness, introducing technology

🏛️ Member of the Asterousia MAB Youth committee aiming at the sustainable development of Asterousia Biosphere Reserve.

 🐎 Founding member and amateur football player of “Alogo Maleviziou” football club.

Tímea Németh

Tímea Németh,

The Hungarian National Rural Network


More info about Tímea

ℹ Tímea Németh, International Coordinator (29), experienced scout leader, biologist and hobby musician with very goodlanguage skills (German, English, Spanish, French).

🌟 Highlight of her scouting years was organizing and leading a camp for 40 teenagers. Works as international project coordinator at the Hungarian National Rural Network.

Zane Seredina

Zane Seredina

Latvian Rural Forum, LRF


More info about Zane

ℹ A rural development enthusiast with a creative vision and a never-ending desire to continue.
Aleksandra Niewczas

Aleksandra Niewczas

Reflection on Europe, ROE


More info about Aleksandra

👋 Hey, my name is Aleksandra

📍 I am from Tychow Nowy near Starachowice, small town in Holly Cross province in Poland. I am a student of International Relations in the University of Lodz.

💼 I work in an Association Reflections on Europe and I cooperate with Youth City Council of Starachowice.

I ❤ working with people – it is when I am learning the most, just by sharing experiences and exchanging the ideas. I love traveling and meeting new people all around the world. My Erasmus passion is sharing music – I love especially this international one.

Piotr Styczen

Piotr Styczeń

City youth council in Starachowice


More info about Piotr

ℹ Hello my name is Piotr and I’m from small village called Bronkowice near Starachowice located in in Holly Cross province in Poland. I am a member of City youth council in Starachowice.

❤ I like meeting new people, exploring new places and spending times with my friends more than anything else. I always look for an opportunity to learn something new. I am definitely an active person, my addictions are gym and black tea.

Irene Martín García

Irene Martín

Red Española De Desarrollo Rural


More info about Irene

ℹ I´m 27 and I come from Plasencia, a town in the north of Extremadura (western region of Spain).

💼 I´m part of the technical staff of the Spanish Network for Rural Development (REDR) and I work mainly with youth and sustainable development (SDGs and 2030 Agenda).

❤ I love meeting new people, travelling and nature. I do volunteer work in advocacy for human rights.

Tessie Brinck

Tessie Brinck

Community Led Local Development Halland, CLLD-Halland


More info about Tessie

I am 24 years old and lives on the westcoast of Sweden.

💼 I work with a network of young rural developers in the region Halland and have previously studied political science.

🎮 On my sparetime I like to read books, play dungeons & dragons and eat fermented baltic herring.

I also do volunteer work with involuntarily lonely elders and care alot about human rights.



Katrina Idu (002)

Katrīna Idū 

European LEADER Association for Rural Development, ELARD



Ágnes Tóth


More info about Ágnes

📍I am 38, from Miskolc, North-Hungary.

ℹ Originally i am events organiser and presenter, but i have been working for years as a rural developer.

💼 I used to work in a national youth network, so have experience for networking among young people. I work on field, therefore i built good connections with civil organizations.

I ❤ meeting new people, travelling and nature.