List of events where ELARD with partners are present at European Week of Regions and Cities – register latest on 7th of October

List of events where ELARD with partners are present at European Week of Regions and Cities – register latest on 7th of October

The registration date has been postponed for most workshops where ELARD will be present! Register here: European week of Regions and Cities before 7th of October

Please find below a short compilation of interesting events at the EWRC:

ELARD hosting:

  • ELARD with members together with COTER of the Committee of Regions will be there  hosting the workshop  “Co-creating the restart of Europe on local level – how to use Community Led Local Development in the recovery work and building resilience in local communities”! (Code: 14WS1015V)
    14th of October at 09:30-11:00. Our partners are: Radim Sršeň (Committee of the Regions) Hartmut Berndt (BAG LAG), Kristiina Tammets (Estonian LEADER Union), Marjo Tolvanen (SYTY – Finnish Village Movement), Felicia Edholm (LUS – Local Development Sweden)This workshop starts with introductory speeches on strengths and possibilities of CLLD in shaping resilient communities and contributing to recovery work.
    Introductory speeches:
    • Short background on CLLD and the LEADER-method (Marion Eckardt, ELARD)
    • How does CLLD allow citizens to co-create European policy in a multilevel governance? (Radim Sršeň, CoR)
    • Case examples on:
      • A greaner Europe through engaged citizens (Hartmut Berndt, BAG LAG)
      • Co-creating to support smart villages (Kristiina Tammets (Estii LEADER Lit)
      • CLLD and co-creating in urban areas (Marjo Tolvanen, SYTY – Finnish Village Movement)
      • Empowering youth with CLLD (Felicia Edholm, LUS – Local Development Sweden)

ELARD present at workshop as partner:

  • Community-led local development (CLLD) EXPERIENCE, 14th of October, 11:30-13:00, a case study from the Italian LAG MERIDAUNIA scarl (14WS1410V)
  • Global crises – Local responses, 14th of October, 16:30-18:00, a joint initiative from E40, ELARD, ECOLISE and SYTY 14PL1269V

ELARD reccommends following sessions from our partners:

  • Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century, 13th of october, 11:30-13:00 from Smart Village Network (Code:13WS1498V)
  • Building a long-term vision for rural area, 13th of October, 09:30-11:00, from ENRD (Code: 13WS1391V)
  • Facilitating bottom-up CLLD in practice, 14th of October 14:30-16:00, how to simplify LEADER and CLLD from FARNET and European Commission (14PL1106V)
  • Leader/CLLD: How rural innovation can contribute to territorial and social cohesion?, 16th of October 11:30-13:00 from LEADER France, Rurality-Environment-Development and the NAT Commission of the European Committee of the Regions
  • Local action for biodiversity, 22nd of October, 11:30-13:00, Local action for biodiversity in fisheries and aquaculture areas from FARNET with case studies from FLAGsSign up soon the places are getting sparse! And see you there!