Introducing the EU Horizon project DigiMedFor

Introducing the EU Horizon project DigiMedFor

Revolutionizing the Mediterranean Forest-Wood Supply Chain

At the core of DigiMedFor’s approach lies the seamless integration of geospatial, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital twin technologies. Combined with information and communication technology (ICT). By harnessing the power of these technologies, DigiMedFor seeks to enhance forest management practices. And unlock unprecedented opportunities for the entire sector. 

ELARD is a collaborator to DigiMedFor

DigiMedFor is a project in which ELARD is a collaborator. Go to our site to find more of our important projects!

Driving Transformation in Forest Management: Aligned with EU Strategies

Aligned with EU strategies, DigiMedFor will revolutionize forest resource monitoring and management across the supply chain using advanced digital solutions. With a focus on the entire journey of wood, from its origin to its processing in the industry, DigiMedFor strives to optimize the sustainability of wood production, enhance traceability, and improve the delivery of ecosystem services. This groundbreaking project holds the promise of a paradigm shift in the industry.

Unlocking Opportunities through Integration of Advanced Digital Technologies

Luigi Saulino, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Naples Federico II and DigiMedFor’s Project Primary Coordinator, expressed, “DigiMedFor represents a significant milestone in our collective journey towards a sustainable and digitally empowered Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain.” He shared this during the DigiMedFor Kickoff meeting held in Italy on June 19-20, 2023. Saulino emphasized that through the adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, the project aims to overcome challenges, improve traceability, and ensure the long-term vitality of the region’s precious forests.

Join DigiMedFor in Shaping a Greener Future

DigiMedFor invites all stakeholders to join in the pursuit of a greener future and be part of the transformative change in the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain. Together, we can shape a sustainable world where forests thrive and ecosystem services are safeguarded.

Background of DigiMedFor: Addressing Challenges and Unlocking Potential in the Mediterranean Region

The Mediterranean (MED) region hosts over 25 million hectares of forests and approximately 50 million hectares of other wooded lands. However, this region faces significant challenges due to climatic and socio-economic changes. These challenges could have severe consequences.  In detail, including the loss of crucial ecosystem services and the triggering of economic, social, and at last environmental issues.