Empowering Youth: Insights from ELARD's Projects

We are proud to share insights and knowledge gathered through our projects focused on youth.

On the ELARD Knowledge Hub, you’ll find specific resources and materials aimed at supporting young people in their pursuit of personal and societal development. Explore our project narratives, tools, and best practices to learn more about how we can support and empower younger generations across Europe

Innovative solutions, Case studies, and Best practices

Young People Not in Employment, Education or Training 


Young people that are not in employment, education or training (NEET) may face increased poverty risk, social exclusion, labour market scarring and…

Study on Impact of Youth Employment Policies


A key overall finding from this study is that even though the countries
examined share similar issues, there is considerable variation in the

Review paper on stateof-the-art of living wage & re-/ up-skilling policies for NEETs


Over the past few decades, a number of European labour markets have been under severe strain as a result of increasing labour precariousness…

Young Transnational report on NEETs, skills gap and employment
policies in peripheral European countriesPeople Not in Employment, Education or Training 


Education and training are regarded as the key safeguard against social exclusion and a better labour market…

Transnational Report on employment potential for young people through alternative sectors


We examine patterns in youth employment using a specifically designed panel data set constructed …

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