Highlights of the LEADER 30 years conference


Conference highlights video


The conclusions of the conference have now been summarized


Photos from the welcome-dinner.
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1 0f December

Please find below the presentations from the 1st of December.

The contributions have all been recorded and will also be published below as soon as the recording-team are finished editing.

If you want access to everything in one click, please find here the entire PPT-presentation and also the entire live broadcast.

Opening ceremony at Halmstads Theater – Video
Ms Marion Eckardt, Ms Mia Lundquist,
Ms Sofia Björnsson, Mr Tore Holmefalk, Mr Jonas Bergman, Ms Mikaela Waltersson

Ms Dubravca
Šuica – videorecording
Mr Janusz Wojciechowski – videorecording

Stock-taking on the implementation of the Long term Vision of Rural Areas 

Presentation of the state of Play on the LTVRA, Ms Alexia Rouby – DG AGRI,
PPT-presentation and videorecording

Presentation of survey results, Ms Marion Eckardt – PPT-presentation and Video

Stock-taking on the implementation of the Long Term Vision of Rural Areas – Panel video

Panel on the implementation process  with Mr Mihail Dumitru, Mr Jozef Stahl, Mr Niklas Nienass, Mr Radim Sršeň, Mr Toma Šutić, Ms Kristina Yngwe, Ms Marion Eckardt.

Moderator: Ms Kristiina Tammets

Future LEADERs – Video

Personal encounters from:
Ms Lana Chanundeli – PPT-presentation
Ms Sima Benni – PPT-presentation

Panel of future LEADERs  with Mr Niklas Nienass, Ms Sima Benni, Ms Elinoora Takala, Mr Leotrim Gёrmizaj, Ms Aiva Ķīšiniece, Ms Lana Chanundeli , Ms Amelie Krug, Mr David Canaveira

Smart Villages & LEADER – Video

Presentations of Smart village Veberöd, Mr/Ms Malmgren – presentation
Torup Village, Mr Peter Plant – PPT-presentation
Startup village Tirol, Mr Stefan Niedermoser – videorecording and PPT-presentation
Reflections and conclusions from Ms Iwona Lisztwan and Ms Marion Eckardt

Closing Session – Video

Reflections and conclusions from Ms Iwona Lisztwan and Ms Marion Eckardt

Dinner at Hotel Tylösand

Dinner with local food. Entertainment and programme from several members of ELARD: Slovakia presentation, Bulgaria movie –  (please find here the Bulgarian music from the movie and Bulgarian music from the dance), Moldova presentation, Danish song lyric,
Slovenian movie, Czech Republic LINC-movie and Estonia dance


Conference day at Halmstads Theater

Dinner at Tylösand

2 of December


On December 2, we were proud to present a number of Halland LEADER and CLLD projects. We arranged 6 different routes in Halland, which we hope everyone found interesting and inspiring.

The pictures from the excursions can be found under each individual bus description.


Celebration dinner and PARTY at Halmstad Theater

Evening programme at the Halmstad Theatre:

Entertainment and programme from several members of ELARD:
Sweden presentation
Greece presentation and movie
Latvia movie
Hungary presentation
Poland presentation
Spain and Portugal quiz


We would like to thank all participants, both physical and virtual guests. Without you the conference would not have been as fantastic. We would also like to thank all the project promoters who showcased all their wonderful projects on the 2 December, after the snowstorm of the year!

A big thank you to Halmstads Theater, Halmstad Convention Bureau and Hotel Tylösand for contributing and making the venues work. Finally, we would like to thank Kajsa, Therese and Albin for their great recordings.

You are all the best!