On December 2, we were proud to present a number of Halland LEADER and CLLD projects. We arranged 6 different routes in Halland, which we hope everyone found interesting and inspiring.


Bus 1: Social inclusion and narrative of rural - The Laholm bus

This bus will first take us to Halmstad Wakepark, to showcase their project in improving accessibility for and include disabled sportsmen and -women. After this we steer south, to Laholm municipality where we will visit two projects, one on mountainbiking and another one at the local horsebackriding association, both with goals to engage more people in sports for a healthier life. We will have our coffeebreak at a bakery, run by one of our young rural entrepreneurs and hear about the project where she has been engaged, namely rural builders, which is a LAG-owned project that is working with the image and narrative of rural areas. Our lunch will be enjoyed with local products from and at the local game holding from the restaurant Ahla Mossen, that have also been part of that project. The day ends with a meeting with WOWfoundation founders, that will demonstrate their project on inclusion, namely enabling migrant women to enter the labour market through mentorship, which has had very god results. After that you can choose to walk back to your hotel or go with the bus to the conference venue.

Bus 2: Smart and green solutions - The environment bus

With this bus, we will visit projects that work with green solutions: We start with a visit at Plönninge, where we visit a project that is supporting business development out of the ecosystem deliveries from bees, and another project that helps primary producers to find innovative business ideas. In Unnaryd we will visit cultural projects on heritage paintings, modern music and digitization on homesteads. We will have lunch in the greenhouse of the local bakery, where we will hear about their project to becoming a local meeting hub for transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. After that we will meet the founder of Helios innovation, a project that has developed a new desalination technology that can purify seawater using residual heat from heavy industries. During the busride we will get a presentation of our LAG-owned project Crowdfunding Halland and last stop is one of its crowdfunding initiatives “Mobile Farm Market”.

Bus 3: Cultural heritage and village movement - The Hyltebruk bus

On this trip, first we visit Kvibille. Kvibille is best known for its over 100-year-old dairy that produces award-winning tasty cheeses, and here we will visits a cultural heritage project of the local community association, before we enjoy our coffee at the local inn, where it is also possible to purchase some of the cheese. After that we steer towards Hallands easternmost municipality to visit the recently approved outdoor cross-fit gym in Hyltebruk, from STK Goliath, an association that engages more than 900 out of Hyltes 10 000 inhabitants. Only 15 km further we get the possibility to visit Landeryd, where engaged people from the trainassociation has started up a successful event of old-time trains running to all adjacent villages every first weekend of September. An event that draws thousands of visitors each year. We will have our lunch in the restaurant “Mamas”, an extraordinary place with traditional food that came into existence because of the project. On the way back to Halmstad we will stop in Simlångsdalen to visit the village initiative of outdoor trails in the area and have our afternoon coffee.

Bus 4: Go blue with us - The fishing bus

The destination of this bus is Träslövsläge (“Läjet”) which is one of the few living Swedish fishing villages left. The first stop however is in Falkenberg where we will listen to a project that has as a goal to develop the inland sportfishing. In Läjet we will then get to visit several projects that all have the theme of fishing, concerning seals and also our LAG owned project on developing the coastal small scale fisheries. We will also get a presentation from one of our outdoor-sport projects and have local fish for lunch at the restaurant in Läjet. Thereafter we move to Bua, where we will visit one of the fishermen that has gotten the support from CLLD and hear his story. The day ends with a visit to a farmer with a new project, where the plan is to develop a café and farm shop and insect garden with the theme of honey.

Bus 5: Smart Villages and outdoor tourism - The Varberg and Falkenberg bus

On this trip, the bus travels northwards to visit the two west coast municipalities Falkeberg and Varberg. In the village Sörby, we will visit a project that is pursuing “a different way of life”, looking into community garden and a community trying to make smaller climate and environmental impact as they also are working against the trend of loneliness that many people in society are struggling with today. Next stop is Ullared, which is actually Swedens largest tourist destination, because of reasons you would never have guessed. In Ullared we will visit a co-working space that just got granted support, and have a presentation of a project trying to realize virtual cultural experiences and learning with the new broadband that we have in the area. We will have our lunch from local food in Åkulla resort and after this we go outdoorsy; visiting three different projects on outdoor and local tourism. In the afternoon we will also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Grimeton, a radio station built in 1922-24, is an exceptionally well-preserved monument to early wireless transatlantic communications and hear about their project on tourism at heights, and finally visit a project on producing and selling Biogas that has gotten funding form LEADER.

Bus 6: Tourism Support and Development - The Kungsbacka bus

With the Tourism Support and Development bus we steer towards the northernmost municipality in Halland, Kungsbacka. First stop Slöinge, for a presentation of “Ingeland”, the project that is trying to make this area into a tourist-destination, as we also enjoy a morning coffee from the local roastery. After this we will visit the beautiful beachwalk in Åsa, that has created thousands of new visitors in the area, and then listen to a project “JRNL” that wanted to transport a more youthful image of the municipality, and was initiated from the youth themselves. Another interesting project is the staycationbus that was developed in the wake of the pandemic from the municipality themselves. After a locally produced lunch in Åsa we will depart for Idala, to visit a local bakery that has gotten investmentfunding from LEADER to develop their local business. The trip continues to Kungsäter where scenic trails have been developed from the community association. Before heading to Halmstad, there will be a presentation from a project working innovatively in order to support and bring life into the rural community buildings we have all over Halland.