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ELARD with members in cooperation with COTER of CoR is giving this workshop, which will begin with introductory speeches on the strengths and possibilities of community-led local development (CLLD) in shaping resilient communities and contributing to recovery work.

Introductory speeches:

  • Short background on CLLD and the LEADER-method
  • How does CLLD allow citizens to co-create European policy in a multilevel governance?
  • Case studies on:
    • A greener Europe through engaged citizens
    • Co-creating to support smart villages
    • CLLD and co-creating in urban areas
    • Empowering youth with CLLD

The workshop will explore the themes of:

  • How can LAGs contribute to recovery and resilience in the working field (geographical and thematically) of the participants of the workshop?
  • How can regional and local authorities cooperate with LAGs and what themes in recovery and resilience could benefit from co-creating with citizens?Methods used in the workshop will be world-café (through breakout rooms) and circles, finishing  with a wrap-up session.

Marion Eckardt, President, ELARD Aisbl, Belgium.
Kristiina Tammets, Member, Estonian LEADER Union – Estii LEADER Liit, Estonia.

Hartmut Berndt, Chair, BAG-LAG, Germany.
Felicia Edholm, Member, Lokal Utveckling Sverige, Sweden.
Radim Sršeň, Member, Committee of the Regions – Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget (COTER), Belgium.
Marjo Tolvanen, Boardmember, SYTY- Finnish Village Movement Association, Finland.

Cohesion and Cooperation
Bag-Lag – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Leader-Aktionsgruppen in Deutschland, ELARD AISBL – European Leader Association for Rural Development, Estonian Leader Union – Estii Leader Lit, European Committee of the Regions – COTER Commission, LUS – Lokal Utveckling Sverige, SYTY- Finnish Village Movement Association
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