ELARD is participating in this exiting session from an succesful Italian LAG, welcome to get inspired!

Strategic approach and solutions tailored to local circumstances are fundamental to successful local development policies in remote areas. It is not about to replicate an experience, the process requires interactions and careful adaptation to circumstances.

We focus on how to take, from the past, the lesson for the present and the future and how to involve communities and the public actors, roles & tasks. We tell about good practices and experiences to listen and detect the needs by using the bottom-up and top down methodology. We illustrate about HOW to build a CLLD strategy with the challenge to access to plural founds and manage them.

Angela Maria Loporchio, Communication Office, Meridaunia, Italy.
Laura Mariano, Head of Communication Office, Meridaunia, Italy.

Daniele Borrelli, Director, Meridaunia, Italy.
Marion Eckardt, President, ELARD, Belgium.
Pasquale Orlando, Dirigente, Regione Puglia, Italy.

Cohesion and Cooperation
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