ELARD is looking for a senior expert for RENOVERTY project

ELARD is looking for a senior expert for RENOVERTY project

Expression of interest to provide expertise for the project “Home Renovation Roadmaps to Address Energy Poverty in Vulnerable Rural Districts (RENOVERTY)”
Project No 101077272 — LIFE21-CET-ENERPOV-RENOVERTY — LIFE-2021-CET

Project description
RENOVERTY will foster energy efficiency building upgrades in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)/South-eastern Europe (SEE) countries, as well as Southern European countries (SE), by setting the methodological and practical framework to build renovation roadmaps of vulnerable rural districts in a financially viable and socially just manner.
The project aims at designing a scalable series of renovation roadmaps with operating models for rural areas in Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia (CEE, SEE region), Italy, Portugal, and Spain (SE region) while ensuring the replicability of the model in these regions and scaling it up to the EU level. Strategically, the project will contribute to:

  •  minimising logistical, financial, administrative, and legal burdens caused by a complex and multi-stakeholder home renovation process,
  • ensuring that building retrofits consider the social dimension by incorporating security, comfort, and improved accessibility for citizens to further improve the quality of life of the vulnerable population.

In the long run, the project will contribute to the wider integration of rural and peri-urban development.
Specifically, the project activities aim to deliver tools and resources to support local actors to build and implement financially viable roadmaps with the participation of all stakeholders involved to be then synthesised in a replicable model to be taken up by different actors.

To address these objectives, the RENOVERTY will :

  • build a common and validated methodology for building renovation roadmaps on vulnerable rural districts. The methodology will also include capacity and knowledge-building tools, resources, and activities to be delivered to local stakeholders.
  • test the methodology by building 17 single household roadmaps in seven pilot “rural districts” (pilot regions: Sveta Nedelja – Croatia; Taru – Estonia; Bükk-Mak Leader & Somló-Marcalmente-Bakonyalja Leader – Hungary; Zasavje – Slovenia; Parma – Italy; Coimbra – Portugal; and Osona – Spain), through codesigning methodologies with the involvement of more than 600 stakeholders (municipalities / local governments; market retrofitting actors, citizens associations; financial actors; etc);
  • design operating single or multi-household roadmaps for rural areas, and a scalable model to ensure the wide geographical replicability and take-up of the roadmaps, at both the CEE, SEE and SE regions and scale it up for the entire EU;
  • set exploitation and scalability plan for the methodology.

Project duration:
11/2022 – 10/2025

Partner organisations:
Lead partner:
Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (Netherlands)
Beneficiary partners:
ELARD (Belgium); REGEA (Croatia); ECOSERVEIS (Spain); AISFOR (Italy); Climate Alliance (Germany); Research and Technology Transfer Institute, University of Coimbra (Portugal), Association for Sustainable Development FOCUS (Slovenia); Technoeconomics of Energy Systems TEESlab (Greece); REFLEX (Hungary); Tartu Regional Energy Agency (Estonia)

ELARD’s role in the project:
ELARD will contribute to all Work Packages providing expert support and know-how.
ELARD will provide expertise regarding policy recommendations, capacity building, and stakeholders’ engagement, dissemination and exploitation, as well as leverage its position in order to alert policymakers to the results of the project’s studies.
In order to provide high-level, experienced-based and comprehensive support for project partners during the project period, ELARD will be hiring experts throughout the project duration.

Now we are looking for:
Senior Expert
to contribute to Work Package 4: Building renovation roadmaps and policies in pilot countries
Task T.4.2 Setting requirements and supporting policy and financing mechanisms for roadmap development.
This task will look into supporting policy and financing mechanisms for developing the renovation roadmaps. Based on experiences and desk research, a set of support policies will be outlined, as well as a set of financing mechanisms for the renovation of dwellings of people affected by energy poverty.
Output: Overview of policy mechanisms and financial mechanisms for renovation roadmap development (report in English, ca 30 pages)

The expert contribution in this WP is foreseen for 0,2 working time per month.
ELARD will offer fixed-term employment contract for part-time work. Contract term June 2023 – March 2024.

Salary will be negotiated with successful candidate according to time to be allocated for the project outcomes. As most of the work will be carried out from a distance, using electronic tools, then expert can be based anywhere in Europe.

It is expected that the expert has:
● Research work experience in the field of policy work and recommendations;
● Knowledge about transnational policies and their implementation;
● Ability to formulate policy recommendations;
● Experience in activities addressing vulnerable rural areas;
● Experience in work at local, regional or national level in the field of energy poverty;
● Experience in work with data collection and analytical skills;
● Proficiency in both written and spoken English.

Interested candidates are kindly requested to send CV and motivation letter to elard@elard.eu by 22.05.2023

Contact information
Beata Styczeń
+48 606 858 801