Education offense for women – Award for Gender Equality

Education offense for women – Award for Gender Equality

Bildungsoffensive - education offense for women

Bildungsoffensive was one of 6 projects that went on to the finals of the European LEADER Award for Gender Equality in France

Since 2003, the LAG regio3 Kitzbühel in Austria has been running a regional education program specifically for women.

There are 2 main themes of education:

  •  labor market
  •  health

In the labor market, the program focuses on education in computer skills, digital skills, or communication skills. The theme of health consists of lectures to reduce stress levels, posture, eye health, etc.

The program is published twice a year and every year about 300 women choose the different options. Since the main target group is women, the conference times are adapted to them. The conferences often take place between 09:00 and 12:00, while the children are at school.

In parallel with this program, every Monday volunteers are available for a “computeria”. This combines digital education (PCs, laptops, Handys) with good coffee and moments of exchange. It’s not a specific course, everyone is invited to come with their own device and their specific problems, and the volunteers are there to help.

Gender equality within the project

The innovation lies in the fact that a LAG manages its own education program for women and organizes conferences in the halls of the LAG. Therefore, you can combine personal education with regional development education.

European LEADER Award for Gender Equality

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Leader France, in collaboration with ELARD, is organizing an award ceremony for the European LEADER Award for Gender Equality. This competition, open to all European LAGs, highlights concrete achievements funded by the LEADER 2014-2020 program and which contribute to gender equality in rural areas.

As the French Senate report of 14 October 2021 points out, women living in rural areas face more obstacles in their private and professional lives than men. Fortunately, there are many good ways to combat these inequalities in France and Europe.