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The LEADER Reloaded Conference that took place in Évora on the 26-28 september, organised by ELARD under the 2018/19 Portuguese Presidency,  was a suitable moment for analysing, rethinking and discussing what comes next, i.e. the future policies and tendencies in the financial framework for post-2020


During the conference 287 participants from 28 european countries engaged in a series of discussions, analysis and development of proposals, as well as in talks and exchanges of cooperation ideas between rural territories of the EU; three delegations from the Republic of Moldova, Sweden and Romania were shortly hosted on their way to the conference by three Portuguese LAGs (ADRIMAGADL ESDIME); the day of their arrival over 50 participants visited six local projects supported by the host LAG in Évora, Monte ACE, and all the participants visited the exhibition of posters from 18 countries during the conference.

All the information available about the conference can be found on the website of the LEADER Reloaded conference:

  • The presentations of the plenary, the four mini-plenaries, the restitution of the mini-plenaries and the keynote paper;
  • A short description of the six projects visited in the framework of the study visits in Évora;
  • A short biogaphical note on each of the 37 speakers;
  • 15 transnational project proposals shared by 11 LAGs;
  • The posters of the exhibition about LEADER/CLLD in 18 countries;
  • The gallery features the final video of the conference as well as photographs from the three-days event.