Animation and artistic production – AWARD FOR GENDER EQUALITY

Animation and artistic production – AWARD FOR GENDER EQUALITY

Animation and artistic production

around gender equality in rural areas during extracurricular time

The CIDFF 43 is an educational association whose mission is to promote equality between men and women. The Women’s Rights Commission of the Portes d’Auvergne Community of Communes also wishes to stimulate a dynamic at the level of its territory on these issues. This project consists of addressing the issue of equality within public schools in the Portes d’Auvergne region.

Indeed, girls in rural areas, even more than in urban areas, tend to base their professional ambitions on masculine/feminine stereotypes. The idea would be to allow adults who work with children to reflect on their practices and eliminate them from their behaviors and actions guided by gender stereotypes. The project also proposes to offer primary school children a space for reflection and artistic creation around the theme of equality, aiming to expand their potential through questioning the qualities and skills of each.

Thus, this project would take place in 3 phases, during the extracurricular time:

  • Adult training: raise awareness of the issue, provide tools to offer animation to children, set up animation and artistic production dealing with this theme.
  • Animation and awareness of children: discussion time on the theme, development of an artistic production project (posters, sketches, games, video, etc.) to be defined according to needs.
  • Communication and development: presentation of the results of the project in the form of an exhibition, a play, a story, a projection, distribution to families and inhabitants of the CC des Portes d’Auvergne.

This project is part of the rediscovery and reappropriation of the identity markers of the Pays du Velay. It leads to an artistic creation that helps to promote new social ties within the territory.

This project made it possible to create deliverables in the form of a video and a play performed in front of parents and actors from participating schools.

Gender equality within the project

This innovative project on our rural territory has made it possible to take advantage of the territory’s identity markers to promote social inclusion and develop social ties between actors. This experience during extracurricular time allowed the participation of the local population in a project of appropriation/awareness/artistic dissemination.

This cultural activity in rural areas has also encouraged the deconstruction of male/female stereotypes on a rural population, which is sometimes predestined according to their gender. This animation action is reproducible in many rural areas of Europe which experience the same difficulties. The question of culture is here a strong factor of integration and breaking down inequalities linked to gender.

European LEADER Award for Gender Equality

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Leader France, in collaboration with ELARD, is organizing an award ceremony for the European LEADER Award for Gender Equality. This competition, open to all European LAGs, highlights concrete achievements funded by the LEADER 2014-2020 program and which contribute to gender equality in rural areas.

As the French Senate report of 14 October 2021 points out, women living in rural areas face more obstacles in their private and professional lives than men. Fortunately, there are many good ways to combat these inequalities in France and Europe.

Animation and artistic production, was one of 6 projects that went on to the finals of the European LEADER Award for Gender Equality in France