Long Term Vision for Rural Areas

It is still possible to make contribution until 31st of January!

If your Local Action Group would like to give input to the Long term vision on Rural Areas, it is still possible until the 31st of January!

ENRD has worked out templates for local worskhops that you can use in order to give structured input from local workshops to the process. This can also be used as start for developing a new local development strategy, which is well invested time for all stakeholders! The templates are available in most offical EU languages.

Find information on how here:


Long Term Vision for Rural Areas

The EU aims to create a debate on the future of rural areas and the role they have to play in our society.

This initiative will set out a vision for the future of rural areas by 2040 and gather views covering challenges such as:

  • demographic change
  • connectivity
  • low income levels
  • limited access to services.

It will also explore innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions in the light of climate and digital transformation and the COVID-19 crisis.

How is ELARD active in the making of the Long Term Vision?
ELARD is active in these ongoing initiatives:

  • Thematic Workinggroup #rural40 for Long Term Vision of Rural Areas from ENRD(European Network for Rural Development).
  • EU Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) av SHERPA. Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors (SHERPA) is a four-year project (2019-2023) with 17 partners funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to gather knowledge that contributes to the formulation of recommendations for future policies relevant to EU rural areas, by creating a science-society-policy interface which provides a hub for knowledge and policy.

Where and how has ELARD given input so far?

  • Meeting with Mrs Dubravka Šuica and RUMRA Intergroup where ELARD is member organisation on 19th of November
  • Exclusive Meeting between Mrs Dubravka Šuica and Mrs Marion Eckardt, president of ELARD on the 17th of November
  • The report of the macro-survey “What future do you want in rural areas?from ELARD/REDR, that was answered from 3436 persons from 26 countries is published (publication-page) and has been distributed to various politicians, officials and other interested actors around EU and on national level, as well as in the public consultation
  • Took part in the public consultation (that was open until 30th of November)
  • Took part in the seminarA vision for rural Europe “Harnessing the potential of rural areas to contribute to a sustainable & prosperous Europe” from Renew in cooperation with ARC 2020. The conference was opened from Ursula von der Leyen and moderated  by Dacian Ciolos. Marion Eckardt, questionned the possibility to make reality of a future vision (at 1:49:20 minutes). The webinar was live-streamed from 12 000 people and has after that been seen more than 60 000 times.
  • Feedback on the roadmap:Until 9th ofSeptember, it was possible to give feedback on the roadmap of creating the Long Term Vision. Feedback from ELARD
  • The voice of rural Europe for the future of Europe-ELARD members gathered their opinions on the future of rural Europe on the 9th of May (Europeday) and has sent it to various politicians, officials and other interested actors around EU and on national level


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