It’s time to celebrate LEADER. This year, LEADER turns 30 years old and we therefore want to draw attention to this through a campaign.


We have designed a campaign guide that will hopefully explain most of the questions you have regarding the campaign. If you still have any questions, you are very welcome to send an email to: annie.linsemark@lluh.se


We have also made a powerpoint presentation eller presentation svenska, where you can clearly see the structure of the campaign. Then we have a video where Annie holds the presentation.


Here you will find the four images that are the basis of the campaign.

Examples of text:

🥳 This year, the LEADER method turns 30 years old and we will of course celebrate it! #leader30years
🤔 But what is LEADER? And how do we celebrate?
#ELARD #ruraldevelopment #LEADER #CLLD #ruralEurope


Examples of text:

🥳 This year, the LEADER method turns 30 years old and we will of course celebrate! #leader30years

🎂Our association has existed for …. years and one of our success story that we want to pay attention to is:

(Titel) (Information) (link)

#ELARD #ruraldevelopment #LEADER #CLLD #ruralEurope


Euorope day greetings ELARD 2021

Rural Semester as a tool to deliver a truly holistic policy for rural areas, from Marjorie JOUEN, Jacques Delors Institute. (Benefitted from inputs and reflections of Marion Eckardt, Maria José Murciano-Sanchez, MichaelSchmitz, Francesco Mantino, Hans Martin Lorenzen, expressing themselves on their personal capacity)

The voice of rural Europe for the future of Europe (2020). On 9th of May 2020, Day of Europe, the members of ELARD are sharing their opinion on how CLLD can assist in the recovery work of Europe now and in future programmes. ELARD has been facing this crisis with the firm belief that we are stronger together. No rural area should be left behind, and we are positively working as a team, keeping the spirit of a unified Europe prominent.

(Also available in: Español, Português, Svenska)

Renewing LEADER/CLLD for 2021-2027 programming period (2019)
ELARD updated its positions regarding the next programming period of LEADER/CLLD, approved by the ELARD General Assembly in Brussels on 10th April 2019.

The Tartu Declaration (2016) (Available also in CroatianEstonianGermanFrenchLatvianLithuanianPortugueseSpanish)
During the ELARD conference 2016 and with the contributions of several LAG networks ELARD developed this declaration directed at the European institutions.


Positions from ELARD’s Member Networks

MANIFESTO of the 1st Rural Parliament of Kosovo

This is a joint statement on the ambitions, commitments and demands of the rural community, adopted by the representative of the rural community of Kosovo.

Position paper “Europe needs LEADER” (2018)
In this paper the German national LEADER association BAG LAG summarizes its main messages regarding LEADER for the next programming period.


SEE LEADER Conclusions (2019)

Conclusions from the SEE LEADER Conference 2019. For more information, please visit: SEE LEADER.

European Committee of the Regions

The CoR’s contribution to the renewed Territorial Agenda, with special emphasis on community-led local development (2019)
In this document the CoR outlines policy recommendations for regional development with the aim to increase the influence of regions and local authorities in Europe.
The opinion is also available in the following languages: [BG] [CS] [DA] [DE] [EL] [ES] [ET] [FI] [FR] [HR] [HU] [IT] [LT] [LV] [MT] [NL] [PL] [PT] [RO] [SK] [SL] [SV]

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

Advantages of the CLLD approach (2017) (different languages available)
The EESC assessed the potential of CLLD to contribute to the aims of the EU and formulated proposals for the next programming period.

European Commission

The Future of Food and Farming (2017)
The European Commission analysed the current situation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which includes the LEADER programme. The proposal aims to match more closely citizens’ needs and European challenges.Cork 2.0 Declaration (2016) and Cork 2.0 Action Plan (2017)
The participants of the European Conference on Rural Development in Cork, Ireland formulated these orientations for a rural policy in the EU.

This is the final document of a Seminar organised by DG AGRI and the ENRD in Båstad, Sweden. More material about the seminar can be found here.

European Rural Parliament

European Rural Manifesto (2017)
This is the statement of the aspirations, commitments and demands of the European Rural Parliament campaigns from 2015 to 2017.

The Venhorst Declaration (2017)
The participants of the 3rd European Rural Parliament formulated this declaration as advice on how to assure the well-being of all rural communities throughout the wider Europe and as contribution to the discussion about the next programming period in the EU.

Our message to the European Institutions, Governments and Rural Citizens of Europe (2017) – long version
– short Version
This Message is the outcome of widespread consultation among rural communities throughout Europe and debate at the 3rd European Rural Parliament held in 2017 about the future policies in the EU.

European Countryside Movement

MER - final(1)

Building on the resilience of rural territories in the post-Covid-19 period (2020)
The organisations of the European Countryside Movement stress the importance of rural territories for the recovery, and await the
establishment of a European Rural Agenda and give reccommendations in this position.

A significant step closer towards a European Rural Agenda (2018)
The European Countryside Movement welcomes the adoption, by the European Parliament, of the “Rural European Agenda” – a resolution in favour of rural territories, which focused on their challenges and concluded as to the necessity to adopt a strategic and an operational framework.