LAG Database and CLLD Partner Search: two useful interactive tools for LAGs

The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) developed two new interactive GAL-friendly tools – the LAG Database and CLLD Partner Search. Both can be accessed and manipulated by LAG managers.

Within the LAG Database, the LAGs are organized by Country, LAG Name, Main ESI Fund, Additional Funds and ESIF Programme. Each LAG has a profile page with the necessary contact information and additional information regarding the territory, the strategy or the potential areas of cooperation.

The CLLD Partner Search tool gathers cooperation offers by Country, Offer Name, Offering LAG, Project Type and Expiry Date. Each LAG manager can create a single Cooperation Offer, referring by the way its Spoken Languages, the country(ies), the type and the assets of the area needed. Regarding the project idea, one can determine the project type, the project topic, the context and the objectives. Then if one is interested in contacting a particular LAG, it is possible to leave a message.

Take a look at the flyer and start networking…