First ERP Project in 2014-2015

First ERP Project in 2014-2015

As already explained before, the ERP is jointly co-ordinated by the three aforementioned European rural networks.

The stated aim of this first project was to enable the voice of the rural people of Europe to be heard at European level and to promote cooperation and exchange of good practices among rural communities throughout Europe.

Therefore a key element of the project was the generation of an “upward cascade of ideas” springing from the reality of rural life. This was facilitated by a simultaneous set of national campaigns – one in each partner country – starting at a local and synthesised at national level as input to the debates at the ERP.

The project culminated in the second ERP gathering, held on 4-6th of November 2015 in Austria. 230 people from 39 countries participated.

Please find here the link to the final report of this project.

To know more about the ERP in general please follow this link.