ELARD with partners is hosting a workshop on European Week of Regions and Cities

ELARD with partners is hosting a workshop on European Week of Regions and Cities

The European week of Regions and Cities have had more applications for partnership than ever, and ELARD with partners will be there  hosting the workshop  “Co-creating the restart of Europe on local level – how to use Community Led Local Development in the recovery work and building resilience in local communities”!

The EWRC will this year be completed virtually and stretched over 3 weeks. Our workshop will take place some time between 5-9th of October. Our partners are: Radim Sršeň (Committee of the Regions) Hartmut Berndt (BAG LAG), Kristiina Tammets (Estonian LEADER Union), Marjo Tolvanen (SYTY – Finnish Village Movement), Felicia Edholm (LUS – Local Development Sweden)

This workshop starts with introductory speeches on strengths and possibilities of CLLD in shaping resilient communities and contributing to recovery work.
Introductory speeches:

  • Short background on CLLD and the LEADER-method (Marion Eckardt, ELARD)
  • How does CLLD allow citizens to co-create European policy in a multilevel governance? (Radim Sršeň, CoR)
  • Case examples on:
    • A greaner Europe through engaged citizens (Hartmut Berndt, BAG LAG)
    • Co-creating to support smart villages (Kristiina Tammets (Estii LEADER Lit)
    • CLLD and co-creating in urban areas (Marjo Tolvanen, SYTY – Finnish Village Movement)
    • Empowering youth with CLLD (Felicia Edholm, LUS – Local Development Sweden)

The workshop will explore the themes of:

  • how can LAGs contribute to recovery and resilience in the working field (geographical and thematically) of the participants of the workshop?
  • how can regional and local authorities cooperate with LAGs and what themes in recovery and resilience could benefit from co-creating with citizens?

    Methods used in the workshop will be world-café (through breakout rooms) and circles, finishing up with wrapping up session.

See you there!